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Welcome to the crazy world of Bug Blast - crazy people shooting crazy bugs!

In the mist comes four heroes: Mr Hamburger, Sgt Emoji, i-420 RT and Ninja Granny! For all of their lives, they have swore to protect the tiny universe from pests and bugs! Some are old like Ninja Granny, some are strict like the Sgt ... and some are robots - just like i-420 RT!

In this endless 2D adventure you can play as one of the four characters and you defeat the flies, bees and those annoying flying ants! No more messing about - because you are what stands between them and world-domination. These flying pests annoy everybody, Mr Hamburger hates it when they try to nibble on him, i-420 RT hates it when they fly into his motherboard, Sgt. Emoji hates it when they mistake him for one of them and most importantly Ninja Granny hates it when they get in her house... and now it’s time for them to get their own evil revenge! But beware, for the bug bosses may surprise you with their strength - make sure that you shoot more than once!

Tap the left side of the screen to jump from grassy platform to grassy platform! Tap the right side of the screen to shoot bug-destroying bullets! Collect the golden coins as you run to upgrade and unlock the other characters in the coin store.

The further you run, the faster the game becomes - avoid the bugs and jump the platforms... don’t miss! View the global leaderboards for Today, This Week or All Time and compete with the world to run the furthest! Bug Blast has stunning graphics as you run through the desert during the afternoon sunlight.

Welcome to the world of Bug Blast - prepare to meet the bug’s doom!

- See how far you can run in this endless 2D runner!
- Jump and shoot to stay alive!
- Enable Kids Mode for truly endless gameplay (the characters will not die)
- Unlock all 4 brilliant characters
- Stunning graphics
- Game Center integration
- Pause the game at any point
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