Bull Circus Wagon
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☆☆☆ 4大关卡多种的游戏性叫你应接不暇
☆☆☆ 两个角色极具吸引力的8套服装
☆☆☆ 上手简单精通难世界排名掀起马戏团热潮
☆☆☆ 坚持就是胜利极限难度下的极限操作

Top one can’t miss! Wonderful experience, colorful pictures, various operations, the game Cattle Circus Troup is definitely overwhelming. There includes many versatile animals in the Circus Troup. Among them, two little cattle, an ox and a cow are outstanding. Everyone else is very jealous of the fact and secretly plays some dirty tricks. But the two little guys can always deal with it perfectly.
In this game, you can select either cattle to experience the unique animal Circus Troup.
Also, the exciting shopping system will dress your role up!
The latest ranking will show you who can last to the end…

Game Features:
☆☆☆ 4 stages with various operations, overwhelming!
☆☆☆ Two characters with 8 amazing dresses!
☆☆☆ Easy to play but hard to master, crazy with the ranking!
☆☆☆ Persisting is winning, ultimate operation in ultimate state!
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