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Bundler is a FREE intelligent interactive story-maker that allows you to create, play and share choose-your-own adventures.

Bundler is not just an interactive story-maker; it also lets you track items, stats, page visits and more in order to make the reader's play-through unique. You can even add achievements and challenge your friends to unlock them all. You're only limited by what you can think up.


• Create, edit and publish interactive stories, quizzes and more

• Alter the reader's path by tracking their previous decisions

• Customise your work with a genre, description and your own icon

• Assign the reader a grade when they reach the end by using your chosen statistic

• Set achievements to reward or shame your readers and increase replay value

• Send your stories to friends and family

Included with Bundler is a complete survival-horror zombie story. ‘Leaving the Bunker’ is set three months after the outbreak of a virus and follows Thomas Jones as he tries to reach civilisation. Can you survive the end of the world?

• Choose a starting item and profession

• Play through selfishly or selflessly

• Make decisions that will impact other survivors

• Confront or evade the undead

To help you get started creating stories, an editable version of 'Leaving the Bunker' is included with Bundler. Use it as an example, for ideas, or even continue the adventure.
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