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Danimals Smoothie, Get Burstified!

Introducing the new app from Danimals Smoothie!

Tap to take a picture and then at the top of the screen pick your hair, eyes, nose, and ear effects to Get Burstified! Or click Surprise Me! Hit Save to keep your picture and show your friends. With the Get Burstified app, you can try:

-Different Hair Styles

-Funny Eye Effects

-Unique Nose Styles

-Fun Ear Styles

You can save all your pictures in the Burstified Gallery and your phone’s camera gallery.

The Danimals Smoothie Get Burstified application is meant to make you laugh and giggle. Please prepare to have a ton of fun. Enjoy!

This application is intended for children 6 years of age and older. No personally identifiable information is collected by The Dannon Company, Inc. (see the privacy policy). Children should check with parents before storing or sharing photos.
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