Busted Theories
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Busted Theories explores theories throughout the ages that just didn’t work out. Weird, wacky, scientific and humorous theories busted!

Or as Herbert Spencer said, “There is nothing so tragic as a beautiful theory foiled by an inconvenient fact.” Sometime those facts did not come to light until centuries later, which is why Aristotle could hypothesize with complete shamelessness that birds change species seasonally.

Use your knowledge and problem-solving skills to answer the multiple-choice theory questions, and your intuition and poker skills to catch the Host in a bluff. Watch out – he’s tricky!

Maybe you can become a top player on the world-wide leader board.

The meat of the game is busted theories, from great thinkers of the past to contemporary geniuses with their latest conspiracy theories. You name it they got a theory for that!

Educational and entertaining –You will be telling your friends all about it.

Suspenseful and engaging – The intensity grows, as the players who believe they have more education/knowledge compete hard to prove it – and are sometimes derailed by a well-placed bluff. It makes for strong competition, interest and fun.

Every theory question is based on someone’s theory – It’s an original game, with authentic theories. Many of the answers are funny, and sometimes even the correct ones.

It’s an inexpensive fun game to play alone or with your friends, and you don’t often get “inexpensive” and “fun” at the same time.


Social Gaming at its best for up to four players
Play the single-player option
Intuitive touch controls make the game a breeze to play
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