Buster Block Slayer
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Are you tired of the same old block breaking games? One paddle, numerous boring blocks, and some lame ball. Bust out of that lame game and into Buster Block Slayer.

In Buster Block Slayer you have 2 paddles, numerous colorful blocks, and one crazy ball! Strategically break blocks based on colors, avoid Black Holes, detonate TNT, and keep that ever faster moving Buster in play! With 30 intense levels to make you cringe, 3 challenging boss fights, and a Versus mode to play on the same device with friends. You can either play slow paced ping pong, or an extremely fast paced strategic block slaying game of awesomeness!

Features Include:
*15 Free Levels
*1 Free Boss Fight
*Achievement System
*Cheat Codes (Unlocked by Achievements)
*Play solo or with friends on the same device

Pro Features Include:
*30 Intense levels
*3 Boss Fights
*Versus mode on the same device
*NO ads!
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