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** Optimized for all Retina Display devices! **

In a world... where button mashing determines who lives and dies... a machine
created for the sole purpose of the destruction of your opponent...


ButtonMasher! The most thrilling button mashing game known to man-kind!

Play with your friends...
your family...
or even... your enemies (or random people online)

To win:

Watch the sequence!

Mash buttons!

Conquer your enemies! (or random people online)

Listen to what some of our market generated people have to say about ButtonMasher!

"It has four different colored buttons that you can press!" - FakeReviewSite.com
"This game is falcon amazing!" - Random Guy
"I paid .99 for this?" - Disgruntled Gamer

This game provides these AWESOME features:


* Randomly generated sequences to excercise your brain for hours!
* Shiny buttons that you can press!
* Show your grandma who's boss! With Gamecenter integration you can play with all
your close friends and family! Or even... your enemies...
* It's easy to brag! With Gamecenter leaderboards you can show everyone how much
more awesome you are compared to them! even... your enemies...

Buy now before this next explosion!


Fast legal speak:
This works with all iPod Retina, iPhone Retina (4+) and all iPad devices.
Your opponents won't actually die if you beat them in the ButtonMasher game.
No animals, plants, humans or cheese makers were harmed during the making of this ad.
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