Cadet Rex
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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After the emergency evacuation of Earth, you and your crew have been assigned the mission of collecting the lost Dino Eggs and Fossils that have scattered throughout space.

Be careful though! You'll need to dodge asteroids and destroy dangerous, unknown aliens. Your ship is equipped with the most advanced propulsions systems known to Dinos, allowing you to travel with immense speed and maneuverability.

Tilt your device to maneuver your ship around asteroids, or tap to shoot a path right through them and collect the power-ups hidden inside!

There have been reports of strange phenomena appearing throughout space. Spiraling bodies of light are manifesting, they appear to be wormholes into slip-space. These areas may be worth exploring, as it would seem many eggs and fossils are being pulled into them!

As your mission continues, our researchers will work hard to improve our technology. A Commissioning Department is available to you between flights, where you are able to research a variety of upgrades for your existing equipment, as well as powerful new technology to give you an edge! Fly one of four unique ships, piloted by Cadet Rex, Clawdia, Flex or G-Rex!

The whole species is counting on you! Go out and save the Dino race!
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