Castle Master for Kakao
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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■Acclaimed by press and gamers worldwide, Castle Master is back!■
The highly praised benchmark full 3D strategy action RPG, Castle Master 3D is back with upgraded 3000 vs. 3000 epic castle siege battle, presenting surprises to the fans of RPG and Strategy!

Surprise 1! Good Bye 300! Now is the time to create a massive army of 3000 soldiers and lead them to defeat 3000 enemies!

Surprise 2! Rediscover the thrilling hack n’ slash battle scenes! With the backup from the newly added archers with crossbows, hack your way through the epic battles to dominate the castles of other players!

Surprise 3! Play as Human or the newly added Elf! Enjoy intense, spectacular and gory combat of Human, Elf and Demons!

Surprise 4! Strengthen your mighty empire! Build, upgrade to gather resources and boost your economy!

Surprise 5! Loot countless resources from enemies! Battle with players worldwide for loot!

Surprise 6! Forge diplomatic alliances with friends to conquer enemies and engage in massive multiplayer battles worldwide to win fortune and resources!

Surprise 7! Equip yourself with legendary 240 armors and weapons! Prepare for battles with gorgeous items bought from a big mall instead of a small store! Customize your hero with powerful armors, sword, daggers and blade to be the most powerful lord!

Surprise 8! More wonders to discover! Experience the legend of Castle Master for Kakao FOR FREE.

Defence! Enemies will raid your kingdom, slash your troops and plunder your gold and resources while you’re away!

Team up with your KakaoTalk friends and raise your army! Your friends will follow along in your party and lend aid in battles and resources! Take revenge on the castles of players worldwide with your friends!

Thank you so much for playing Castle Master for Kakao!

■ A network connection is required to play
■ With your KakaoTalk ID, continue your game on any device!
■ You can reach us at support at
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