Cat Wall
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Cats are interested in a hole!(We love holes. ฅ*•ω•*ฅ 〜mew〜 ♡)
Why do cats like a hole? (I don't kmew ฅ*•ω•*ฅ♡)

But why are cats stuck in a hole?? (They are fat cats? No! (ฅ`・ω・´)っ=Punch☆)
It's a game of saving cats having tried to go through a hole and stuck in the hole.

[How To Play]
Tap the part of the wall where there are no cats.
Then cats get out of the wall.

The time-limit is 10 seconds.
If you break 10 walls, you get about 5 seconds.

Save stuck cats and try to get the highest score in the world!

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These games are developed by popular Japanese game maker "SpartanX" which works in Ogaki city, Gifu prefecture.
Please enjoy our works!

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