Catch It HD
Genre Action -> Adventure
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The animals need to catch their berrys in limit time for cold winter! And suitable for iPhone5.
This is a lovely finger game - "Catch It".

Heaven are constantly out of food, and the animals on the grasslands can not necessarily buy it.
Play together like traditional music games? Perhaps "Catch It" in addition to the tight rhythm, as well as humorous enjoy!

1 Lovely ~
2 extremely simple to get started, to ensure that the 10 seconds you will!
The game will gradually increase difficult challenges your hands and feet coordination skills to
Funny achievement challenges, such as got nothing to eat ...

"Catch It" will be on your IPHONE Meng, the most relaxing game of finger ~

Game description
This game is mainly to test a player's ability to respond.
In the game, the left of the screen will continue to drop a variety of foods, players need to click on the screen below the animal, constantly move the animal by tapping on the wood. In addition, the time is limited. Red Star give full energy!

As the game progresses, the difficulty of the game will be getting higher and higher, and welcome everyone to come together to challenge themselves without limit!
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