Catch The Pandas - The Falling Animals Puzzle Game
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Catch The Pandas is the fantastically addictive game whereby the objective is to stop the pandas falling into the tiger trap!

To do this, you must tap the falling Pandas to allow them to move to safety! However...Be warned, tap the wrong Panda and they will all drop!


Gorgeous Graphics!
Full iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Compatibility!

Special Characters;

Purple Panda - Tap and all the pandas on screen escape!

Yellow Panda - Tap and all the pandas on screen freeze allowing you more time to move them to safety!

Green Panda - Avoid! Tap this and all the pandas on screen fall to the tiger!

Arcade Mode features 50 Levels!

Endless mode ...Is Endless!

Go Catch those Pandas!
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