Cheat for Ruzzle - Will make you a winner
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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The best cheat app for Ruzzle. This app will make you a winner. Step by step:

1) AUTO DETECT: Finds your screenshot automatically
2) OPTIMAL SOLUTIONS: Calculates the words that will give you the highest points.
3) IN GAME DISPLAY: The words with the highest scores will be shown with notifications WHILE you play Ruzzle.

Ruzzle has activated an anti-cheat system. But we found a way around this by introducing the IN GAME DISPLAY. This means that words with really high scores will pop up as notifications while you play Ruzzle. There is no longer need for jumping between apps.

Supports the following languages:
* English
* Swedish
* Danish
* Norwegian
* Portugese (Brazil)
* Italian
* Dutch
* Spanish
* Frentch
* German

This app supports all iPhones and iPad versions.
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