Chenxi Car
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This product is an App developed by Triple Joyfulness Information Technology, Co. Ltd, using iPhone (or iPad) remotely control toy cars through a wireless emitter.
This App provides many modes in the control of cars, including the "Touch", "Gravity Sensation" and "Track" mode. In order to achieve better handling performance and experience, users can select different modes to control toy cars.
This App also provides unique “Replacing car” function to users. For different models and styles from the same manufacturer, users can use the “Replacing car” function to transfer to new cars. After a successful transfer, it will apply new skins, functions and physical parameters to match the new car.

1. Whole new "Track" mode. Toy cars can run according to the line drawn by the user on the screen. For example, draw a circle on the screen, the car will run alongside a circle on the ground. In addition, the App also provides various kinds of funny preset routes for users.
2. Unique “Replacing car” function, users can transfer to cars with different models and styles, corresponding skins and functions will be applied.

Notice to users:
1. When you first start this application, you need to find a toy car (or wireless emitter) with a unique two-dimensional code. Run the App; scan the code, and you can start playing after a successful validation;
2. An Internet connection for validating two-dimensional codes is required. You can use without Internet after successful validation.
3. A new car (or wireless emitter) with two-dimensional code is required for transfer. You need to renew the validation by re-scan that two-dimensional code. After successful validation, the App will close, then you can start playing after restart the App.
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