Cherry Casino Combat
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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**The Most exciting new card game for iPhone and iPod Touch**

The rules are simple: The house plays one card, and to win all you need is to have a card that's higher in value.

How could you lose? Of course if both cards are the same value, then it's time to tool up, get your soldiers in rank and file, and go to war!


- Introducing the new 'No Guts, no Glory' betting system; there are no bonuses, players earn exactly what they bet. The payouts are much greater, but you run the risk of losing it all
- Very simple rules
- Player profile system that tracks your victories, and your defeats
- Rise in rank the more your play, and earn Medals the more battles you endure
- Game time limits to increase the gaming experience
- The most exciting new casino card game on the app store

Win big; no guts, no glory
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