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Chess Games Collection includes more than half of a million games of the world famous chess players.

Before coming a good chess player you have to learn more and one of the most effective way is to analyze and investigate games of chess masters. In this application you will find exact games which you like using Custom Search option.

It allows you to configure a date, white and black players, number of moves, chess opening and result of a game. Some of these options can be configurable as well. For example, you can choose a result between such parameters – doesn’t matter, white wins, black wins, first player wins, first player loses and draw.

Many chess players like to win quickly and effectively. Custom Search feature will help you to find the shortest games with a desirable for you result.

You will have a unique chance to follow through chess evolution on your device wherever you want.

You will find the most interesting games of
- Alexander Alekhine
- Jose Raul Capablanca
- Max Euwe
- Emanuel Lasker
- Akiba Rubinstein
And other world famous chess players in our collections.

1. Favorite games;
2. Player games;
3. Chess Opening games;
4. Custom Search;
5. Manual and automatic game views;
6. Quick looks any move of a game;
7. Board rotation;
8. Great graphics;
9. Short game information;
10. UI and game view preferences;
11. Game sharing.
12. Collection store.

We will be glad to hear all your feedback to make this application as cool as possible for real chess funs and future champions.
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