Chico Chica Boumba Dance
Genre Action -> Dancing
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Based on the successful animated series CHICO CHICA Boumba; a real world tour of all kind of dances that you’ll learn step by step.

In CHICO CHICA Boumba DANCE you’ll have to follow the steps of the hero of the series. Let yourself be drawn into each level by the rhythm of the music and try to follow the moves the best you can. Become a dance expert and you will win special trophies such as backgrounds screenshots and 5 full episodes of the series (2)!

With CHICO CHICA BOUMBA DANCE you will discover new dances like hip hop, disco, samba, and much more ...

Game play:
Slide your fingers, press or turn on the rhythm to score maximum points and unlock levels.
Follow the moves successfully will approach you to the victory that will make you the king of the dancefloor !

To unlock a trophy, pass a level (medium or difficult) with the Excellent grade and go back to the "trophy room", your trophy will appear.
Save the images in "Picture" and install it as background on your phone or ipad.
5 episodes are to be watched directly on your iphone (3G Wifi connection required) or iPad (wifi connection required).

The hero of the series:
Miss Boumba purple rhino famous for her lame.
The Zebra Gentelman Burt who breakdances better than anyone.
Miss Liolip as beautiful as inaccessible.
Mr Strange, a crocodile without discomfort.
Mr Tineto a philosopher monkey who likes martial arts as much as dancing disco.

This game contains:
3 level of difficulties: easy medium difficulty
5 game levels: Samba, Barathi, Disco, Hiphop, Dance hall
10 trophies to earn
5 episodes of the series trophies
5 trophies background

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Game for 6 years old and more.
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