CHILD APP - The series fifth - Drive - Excavator -
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Shovel car is powerful and Hard worker.
Let's move it freely.
- CHILD APP The series fifth -
[ Drive -Excavator- ]
Target age. 6 years old from 3 year old.
Only touch button! It is easy operation.
Reality sound and like real scale action.
This app can coloring shovel car as you like.

- What I devised -

This app does not have ad banner.
And this app does not have enter to other web site link.

There is no button which returns to a main menu.
Because, it is for a small child being wrong and not pushing a button.


■ How to Play ■

* Left button = Move forward
* Right button = Move back
* Upper and lower button = Move the arm of shovel car

* If the arm of a shovel car lower, it will dig.

* What is being carried will be dropped,
if the arm is lowered to the last or is raised, while carrying something.

■ About for Events ■

Please carry or drop that appearing sand and a rock freely.

A star can be got if it puts into a target well.
An event can be played if three stars gather.

1. Painting factory
:A shovel car is coloring in a favorite color and this app can.

2. A dump truck and a big sand hill
:Let's drop sand from a top and put on a loading platform.

3. A large hammer crusher
:Let's break three rocks with a big hammer.

※An event appears at random.
※An event can be chosen by bypassing and continuing running.

■ To parents and guardians ■

This app has no destination.
An event is like prize that can drop rock and sand now well.

This app has no game over.
This app is like a very easy radio control game.


Cooperator : My son. 3 years old.

Latest ios which can support : 6.1.2

The device which has been checked the operation of.
: iPhone5,4s,4
: iPodtouch 4th
: iPad2,3
:iPad mini


■ Guidance from developer ■

This time, I watched many shovel car.
For express real motion.

I got good advice from Active driver about shovel car.
So I could make good motion.

Thank you so much.

Shovel car is too cool!


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