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For the smile of the child.

- CHILD APP The series fourth -
[ Build Cooking ]
Target age. 5 years old from 2 year old.

Much real sound is used.
It can play until it makes and eats cooking.

How is the curry rice is made​​?
How is the pancake is made​​?

I made this app for that answer.
Let's cut the vegetables with a knife.

- What I devised -

I made this app by simple and easy rules for children don't feel stress.

This app does not have ad banner.
And this app does not have enter to other web site link.

I wanted to make app looks so delicious.
So I took many pictures and I made illust by the picture.

There is no button which returns to a main menu.
Because, it is for a small child being wrong and not pushing a button.


- Collecting contents -

1. Fried egg
2. Curry and rice
3. Vegetable salad
4. Pancake
5. Steak
6. Grilled dumplings

1.Cut the ingredient.
If a screen is touched, it will cut from the right.

2.Fly the ingredient.
It will complete, if it passes for a definite period of time.

3.Mix the ingredient.
If a screen is touched, ingredient is mixed.

※Expression is simplified for production.

Cooperator : My son. 3 years old.

Latest ios which can support : 6.0.1

The device which has been checked the operation of.
: iPhone5
: iPhone4s
: iPhone4
: iPhone3GS
: iPodtouch 4th

- Message -

Children have interested to cooking.
but it is danger for few old child.
So I made this app.

If kinds of vegetables is changed, sound will change too.
If kinds of ingredient is changed, when cook fly sound will change too.

Please write a review if you like this application.

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