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World's First 3D Poker Game.

Game Rules

1. Introduction :
(1) Chinese Texas Poker is the famous poker game in China.Every inning has 2-6 players. Dealer is the NPC.
(2) The first player on the dealer's left hand begins to act first.Player can act to raise,call,fold or PK according to situation in his turn.

2. Card Type :
(1) Set(Three of a kind): Three cards are the same points.
(2) Straight: Three cards are serial points. Eg:789, but KA2 isn't.
(3) Flush: Three cards are the same colours.
(4) S-Flush(Straight Flush): Straight are the same colours.
(5) One pair: Only two cards are the same colours.
(6) Special: 235 are different colours.
(7) High card: Three cards are none of the types above.

3. PK Rules :
(1) Set>S-Flush>Flush>Straight>One pair>High card , Special>Set
(2) From biggest point to smallest point is: A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2
(3) Same type, PK in points. Eg: Straight AKQ>KQJ>……>432>32A
(4) Same type, Same point, PK in colours: Spade>Heart>Club>Diamond

4. Blinds:
(1) Chips to bet before deal.

5 Deal:
(1) Each player has 3 faced down cards named concealed hand. All cards have no jokers.

(2) In the first inning, player on the dealer's left hand begins to act first. The winner in this inning will act first next inning.

6. Check:
(1) Player can choose to check in his turn. Cards have been checked is open hand.
(2) Can't check other players' cards before game over.

(3) Show the checked and not folded players' cards when the current inning is over.

7. PK:
(1) Player can only PK with checked players.
(2) Winner in PK goes on playing, loser folds automaticly.

8. Call, Raise:
(1) Bet of open hand is double of concealed hand.
(2) When choose "Raise", the raise slider will show the amount of chips.

9. Fold:
(1) Fold automaticly if don't do any action during action time.
(2) Fold automaticly when chips aren't enough or no chips.
(3) Fold automaticly when leave room.
(4) Stand up automaticly after current inning over if player has no chips.

10. Win or lose judgement:
(1) System will showdown automaticly if limit raises to cap. Player who has the biggest card type wins all chips.
(2) Player will win if current inning has only one player.

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