Genre Action -> Adventure
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Guide your bird around obstacles as he makes his way through the seasons! During your journey you will come across sunflowers, ghosts, snowballs, and kites that will block your path. They seem mean, don't they? Don't worry, there is a simple solution! Your cute little bird will follow your finger, so just move him above or below the obstructions.

If, however, you get hit, you will be forced back a little. And if you fall too far behind... Then your migration is over.

Chirp! includes totally random levels that will go on forever until your migration comes to an end. The goal is to migrate as far as possible. At the end your score will be sent to Game Center to show off your awesome skills to all of your friends.

Have fun!

Planned Features:
- More Game Modes
- More World Types
- Bird Customizations
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