Chops Ahoy-Kung Fu
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The legendary chopping game has come back with a new hero!

Chops Ahoy has been a hit and is now an enjoyable, little time killer in your hand. The maker not only decided to bring you more effects for a greater experience, but added a new surprise: Bruce Lee is now working with the far-sighted old man. Lets’ see how the story ends!

-To get the highest score in single round. The higher the score, the more diamond rewards there are.
-To get total chopping experience points. The more wood you chop, the fancier the weapon for you to claim!

Two Modes
-Challenge: The old man delivers the wood for Bruce to chop.
-Crazy Mode: Bruce puts up things for the old man to chop, keep tapping to fill up the time bar!

Game Rule:
-Don’t hurt the animals and creatures.
-Don’t fall for the old man’s trick when he puts up nothing.
-Treasure Chest will upgrade your weapon; Reaper Chest will downgrade your weapon.
-Get to Onsen Resort to see your total score.

What’s new?
-New Equipment: 10 new weapons, including the legendary Nunchakus.
-Power Ups: Reaper Shield, Spectacles, Extra Life.
-Log Bundle: Get multiple chops in a single bundle. Get more with better weapons.
-Score is calculated in Onsen Resort.
-Story illustration.
-Greater variety in animals and toys.
-20 backgrounds.
-New visual and sound effects.

Unlock Nunchakus for Bruce to be able to demonstrate his best ability is your mission!
Download the game and enjoy friendly competition with your family and friends!
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