Cloud Catchers
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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This game talks about a scientist who is Leonardo's contemporary. Pre electricity era.
So he goes out in the sky with his hot air balloon and collects electro energy from clouds.
His goal is to collect energy for his city.


NORMAL ENERGY CLOUD: Collect for 100 points.
SILVER CLOUD: Collect for 300 points.
GOLD CLOUD: Collect for 500 points.
LIFE (ONE UP): Collect for one more additional life.
REPAIR CLOUD: On every repair your balloon ll update automatically in a new balloon.
FUEL (HEALTH): For little health (fuel).
NUCLEAR ENERGY CLOUD: For full health bar.
LIFE: Balloon will start from 3 lives. One life is equal to one health bar. So keep collection health (power) to keep the health bar healthy.
MAGIC WINGS: These magical wings ll help to control the balloon’s own velocity. And speed ll increase also and u can move all four directions (up, left n right).


LIGHTNING CLOUD: It will dry your fuel tank.
UFO: It will steal your health (energy). So stay away.
ANGRY BIRD: It will damage your health by touching.
BOMB CLOUD: Stay away from any live bomb, -4 health
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