Club Vegas Blackjack
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 22699
Date 2011-10-06
Date 2011-10-06
Club Vegas Blackjack features stunning graphics, easy controls and a cool casino ambience. Hone your skills on 5 different blackjack games, with different payouts and odds:

* Classic Blackjack offers an entertaining combination of luck and skill. Place your bet and go
* Face-Up Blackjack adds an extra twist of strategy with two face-up dealer cards
* Single Deck Blackjack returns to the roots of blackjack
* Spanish Blackjack uses a special Spanish deck that changes the odds and ramps up the fun. Can you get to 21 without any 10s?
* Double Attack Blackjack(R) raises the stakes even higher with a bust bonus side bet! Double your original wager, or place a bust bet on the dealer's hand. It's a high-tension casino favorite

* Easy Navigation
* Complete Rules
* Return to Last Game Played
* Multiple Player Accounts
* Bank Reset
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