Coin Blast:Monster
Genre Puzzle -> Gambling
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Date N/A
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Shoot monsters and win *shiny* coins! Hit a Jackpot and win HUGE REWARDS!
★★The newest Coin Dozer game★★
Experience the most exciting Coin Dozer EVER! Shoot monsters and push Coins off the Dozer belt to win exciting items.
Unlock and collect different characters by LEVELING UP!
Trigger a Lucky 7 when your monster meter fills up to take the Red Demon's treasure! Bet your luck to take as many treasures as you can win!
Watch out, though! Try not to push the coins off the sides and out of your reach. Setup a Barrier to stop coins from falling off the side!
Use a Spider Claw to help you to get WHATEVER you want from the Dozer belt!
Quake will SHAKE the entire Dozer!
Fun-filled, guaranteed features:
* Impressive 3D Graphics.
* Simple controls and easy to understand gameplay.
* More rewards when you enter the JACKPOT BONUS!
* Extra surprise items when you trigger the Red Demon Slot Game!
…and more!
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