Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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ColorfulTile is simple, which 3- years-old child can enjoy, however, on the same time, it requires hile -level intelligence and sense.
You select 4 tiles, then tile will change its color. And you gets points that is decided by the combination of your selected tile's colors.
for example:
4 tiles are same one color, you can gets 75points.
3 tiles are same and last 1 tile is the other color,you can gets 30 points.
4 tiles are all different from each other, you can gets only 5 points.

Color change pattern is fixed, so you can take a strategy that changing color in order to make color-combination you can gets more points.

the game BGMs are able to be chosen from Your own iPod musics.
This game is enjoyable without music,but with Music, More exciting.
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