Cool or not?
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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Cool or not is the game where you face humoristic dilemmas and decisions. This could be something you dreamed about, but most things come with a compromise. You decide if it is cool or not. Even if it is hard decisions you have to make, it is a fun and simple game for the not-that-sensitive person. Don´t forget to challenge your friends to see if they are less cool than you.

And keep in mind you need a sense of humor to play this game!

After completing 50 randomly selected dilemmas from the continuously growing database you receive your CoolFactor score, which you can share to your friends.

There is no right or wrong. A low CoolFactor percentage means you are what others have selected as not cool. Some would call that geeky, others might call it unique. A high percentage means you are what others might think of as cool or some would call mainstream. You decide yourself!

- Choose “cool” or “not cool” for a wide variety of dilemmas.
- See what others have chosen after making your decision for each dilemma.
- Create and submit your own dilemmas for others to face.
- After completing a round of 50 dilemmas you get your score based on how similar you have chosen to others.
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