Counter attack grandma
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Ruth grandma alone peacefully spent his later years, umea is the only cat with Ruth.
Ruth grew up like watching magic plot of the book, she slowly old, now beginning to show and magic points not clear.
One day, the rose in the kitchen cooking, umea played nearby
From the fireplace flue will run out of a small demon cat abuse
Ruth to see their beloved umea was kidnapped, flustered
Will chase in the flue.
Let us rely on old woman in the hands of god and wok as the game world.
Players need to control the attitude of an old woman to go chasing villains, steel grandma in the game, can jump very fly very far.
Break the limit of the human imagination and physical with the devil for love cats, and relying on the excellent engine and a perfect picture, will bring you a wonderful experience.
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