cow and bull
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Welcome to the Western prairie !
Try and build your own town here, and the cowboys and girls will come to your town .
You can have many shops, bakeries, restaurants and bars here,and your people will have a colorful and happy life .
Also, your town should have hotels for travelers .
As the population increased, law and order will become a big problem .
You can build a police station, and let the policemen to deal with the problem.
Your town becomes a bustling big city.
There are Opera and dancers!
The city is very modern and stylish now!
And your citizens are going to have their new ideals, That is - A City Hall!
Tree things of the same level can merge into a new building, and if you have four, you will get a more beautiful new building.
It's similar as the Triple Town game, but you should be more careful of the cattle.
Use your wisdom to create more and different houses in a limited land.
Cattle will interfere your planning, you can trap them.
A trapped cows will give you milk. What about a trapped bull? Give him a cow!
Go on like this:
Three flowers...
Three sculptures...
What you will find after that?
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