Crazy Balloon War
Genre Puzzle -> Board Games
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Date N/A
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Date N/A
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Crazy balloon War is a fun-filled, mind relaxing game in which you can have unlimited fun with balloons. This game is a balloon themed tiles-matching puzzle, and you come out as a winner if you finish the game with maximum points on the board. To score maximum points, you need to match three or more than three same colored balloons either horizontally or vertically.

When the balloons are destroyed, the tiles are emptied and that make way for the new balloons to appear on the board. The more balloons you destroy, the more points you get and the more quickly you destroy them, the more time you get. The game gets over when there are no more moves are left on the board or you run out of time.

What make this game more enjoyable are the swift, intuitive controls and the engaging gameplay. You might find it challenging to empty the tiles quickly but, the game becomes enthralling when you keep practicing and master your moves and finish it with the highest score. It is the Best time killing game which can keep you engaged in it for Hours. So get prepared & get ready for the War...!!
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