Crazy Ox
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
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"Life is a race, Run as fast, unless you are trampled."
In your life like race, while you are enjoying this game a little stress in mind that you want to solve a simple, yet fun, so my own hard I tried to make.
I made hard this game to be simple and funny so that you relieve your stress by enjoying this game in your life like race.
You will try more in order to obtain a higher score than you should while feeling that "life is a race," once again.
I will keep updating, I hope you love this game.

===== Scenario =====
The ox mostly encounters obstacles while running, should jump. Otherwise, the value of life will decrease.
The ox can earn marks by hornning chickens, small pigs and wooden barrel
Do not forget to get hourglass. Hourglass will give you additional 15 seconds.
And, if the ox eat chilli, he can shatter obstacle and can run faster.
To get gold for buying gear and item and to get more marks, the ox contiuously running...

===== Characteristics =====
* Suspenseful game, which you should get marks and additional time, on the other hands, you must be carefull let ox don't touch obstacle.
* You can purchase gold, but you can get it while playing game.
* You can buy gear to speed up and other tools by using gold.
* FREE game.
* 3D racing game.
* Support about IPhone5.
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