Crazy PopBall
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Crazy PopBall, a classic pinball game, game, easy to use, all ages; delicate background, plus the mysterious Inca music, as if in the middle of the inside of the old country, a mysterious game worthy of your repeatedly pondering

★ ★ ★ How to play ★ ★ ★

--- A simple click on the touch control
--- Along a track to match the three or more of the same color ball
--- Prevent the ball falling into the orbit swallow the mouth of the cave.

Game FAQs reply:

1) I want to play other off, but the lock
RE: two ways, one is play hard to earn enough Points Another shortcut is to buy game currency

Rules of game points:

Lianzhu Bubble divided into three parts to reflect the difficulty of the game.
Ordinary the pipeline mode; semi-covered pipeline mode; dual faucet spit ball mode

The number of colors in the ball:
1-5 off a small ball of 4 colors
6-12 off a small ball of 5 colors
13-18 off a small ball of 6 colors
Map 18 off as ordinary pipeline mode
Clearance and integral rules of ordinary pipeline mode as follows:
The [1-9 off as an integrator rules; 10-18 off as an integrator rule]
1-9 Off
Each level ball X10 = 50 balls.
Every two minutes off time.
And every single ball score of 20. (The ordinary the three ball collision eliminate score of 60 points) to eliminate more than three balls, and so four or 80 points.
First hurdle unlock mode. Reach 800 points to enter the next level
Automatically unlock next level to reach 1600 points and above to the next level
Analogy, pipeline mode off should 800X9 = 7200
10-18 Off
Each off the ball 8 group X10 = 80 balls
Each level is three minutes long
Balls score of 40 points. (Ordinary three the ball collision eliminate a score of 120 points) to eliminate more than three balls, and so four or 160 points.
From the customs clearance at the end of 1600 .. 10 off score for 72001600 = 8800 points to unlock the next level
And so on to 18 off so far.
The end of each level to display the Off Points;
If it goes up into the next level integral locked shut in the unlocked state
Did not reach the appropriate score to continue the game, you can choose to replay the customs or props to unlock the next level
Options after the end of the one off:
Re playing this off, props to unlock (mall), the next level.
One off the end of the relevant results to be displayed. (Recording the results of the players is to facilitate future reunification of the top scores of all players)
Marking Scheme rules:
Record the total number of each off a small ball and did not eliminate the number of small ball.
Ordinary pipeline mode 1-9 Off the Marking Rules deducted for the surplus a small ball game total score of 20 points as 10 balls remaining to be swallowed by the system, then they should buckle total score of 200 points.
Demerit point rule for ordinary pipeline mode 10-18 Off deduct the surplus a small ball game total score of 40 points as the remaining 10 balls to be swallowed by the system, then they should buckle total score of 400 points.
Specific score each level:
10.8000 (plus 9 - based on 1600)
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