Crazy Spy Plane Flyer Free
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"Be a covert operative as you fly through the Middle East, looking for EVIL robot TERRORISTS. Fly a hyper-drone with blue flames through the hot, sticky desert as you battle robot enemies. Use your sleek spy plane to gather intel on the enemy but let’s be honest--all you want to do is blow some people OUT of the SKY!

Fight OBSTACLE that will keep you from getting the top score. Plus, choose spy planes in 3 unique colors. Collect coins for a top score, but be warned, this game is ADDICTIVE FUN. Fly Each robot will come at you randomly too--so it's challenging but not unbeatable. •Download Crazy Spy Plane Flyer right now to get going on your own reconnaissance mission. Be your own unique operative, and sneak up on the highest score.
Give Crazy Spy Plane Flyer a try!"
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