Crush the Candy
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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Crush the Candy is a tasty action game where you smash delicious and colorful candies with your finger as they're flung into the air! Find out why it has everyone addicted and become the master of all things sweet and sugary!

Just tap any candy to make it burst into yummy little pieces! Multitouch capabilities allow you to tap up to 3 candies at once so get your finger ready for fast paced action!

Unleash a Candy Eruption by maxing out your combo bar! Do your best to keep crushing as fast as you can while endless candies are launched upward!

+ CRUSH CANDIES and earn insane points! Sounds easy enough but how long can you keep it up?!
+ TWO GAME MODES including Arcade and Blitz will keep you coming back for more!
+ UNLEASH A CANDY ERUPTION that will spout unlimited candies for you to demolish!
+ MULTITOUCH ENABLED gameplay let's you play with a friend or use both hands to go on a crushing frenzy!
+ ADVANCED PHYSICS make Crush the Candy feel crazy realistic!
+ LIGHTNING FAST performance and response time! 3D Candies and HD Interface!
+ STUNNING SPECIAL EFFECTS and HQ Soundtrack make it all the more exciting!

Crush the Candy is the most exciting and addicting action game ever created for a mobile device. Fast-paced, sugary fun for everyone!
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