Cryptic Caverns
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-03-05
Publisher 3D Methods
Date 2012-03-05
Publisher 3D Methods
Cryptic Caverns is a point and click style adventure game where players explore various environments located on a forgotten island.

In this story driven adventure, players will interact and trade with the remaining citizens of a destroyed city. These characters will provide some of the necessary items and hints that will allow the player to progress further into the caverns.

Cryptic Caverns features a vast number of detail rich environments that the player can explore such as a lighthouse, a shipwreck, a cathedral, and the caverns of the island.

Throughout these environments, players will collect items and piece together information that will ultimately help them to solve the cryptic puzzles in the game. Players can use the in-game hint system if they become stuck at any point in the game.

* Point and click style gameplay
* In depth story driven adventure
* Memorable and interesting characters
* Fun and engaging puzzles
* Beautiful detail rich environments
* Over 30 items to discover and use
* In game hint system
* Auto save position
* Solve the mystery that surrounds the island!
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