CSR Colony Space Run HD PRO
Genre Sport -> Racing
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CSR Colony Space Run PRO

The challenge just got even tougher!

Can you save your Colony in the unforgiving Space Run?

★★★★★"Something sweet about trying this awesome game with the BIG colony battle destroyer!..totally new tactics needed to make it far - too cool!..."
★★★★★"The best space race game yet! truly awesome fun..."
★★★★★"wow. Cool addictive fun."
★★★★★"This is REALLY challenging, well programmed with great playability."

4 Colony Craft!

Colony Scout Craft - (The classic, speedy ship)
Colony Black Hole Surfer - (two large sensor pods mean a longer ship to navigate!)
Colony Medical Ship - (big, cumbersome and in need of protection and assistance!)
Colony Battle Destroyer - (this powerful craft is one of the widest in the fleet - be warned!)

The Story So Far...

The 13 year war is ending. Humans have successfully defended their colonies in the outer reaches of sector 7 from the invading alien clans. But now, as your colony gives you the task of moving a fleet of colonial ships to a new safe haven you have come under attack from a rogue squad of alien crafts, intent on destroying any human life...

The safe haven is ahead, but the alien ships have forced you into the dangerous asteroid fields of the outer sector! There is no turning back, now its up to you to guide your ships through the deadly fast moving asteroids to eventual safety.

How far can you get through the spinning asteroids? Will you perish and save the aliens the job of finishing you? Or will you get so deep in that nobody will follow you and you'll be free to reach safe haven?

Watch out for different size and shape asteroids, fast and slow moving space boulders, clusters and solitary lunar rocks and the deadly and specifically placed 'alien star mines' - one touch and your gone...forever.

And remember, in here your lasers are useless!

*Colony Memo: some ships are small and fast, some are big and slower!
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