Cute animal land
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Cute Animal Land – A world of adorable and cute animals
Join us in Cute Animal Land for useful learn-and-play time!
♥ WHO: designed for Toddlers and Kids (ages 1-12)
♥ WHAT: You will help Green frog mother and her kid go shopping on the occasion of discount and identify suitable food for each kind of animals.
♥ WHY: Your kids will be happy and excited for familiarize with various cute animals and improve their memories.
♥ HOW: Simple! Start with one of the two: Funny Supermarket and Happy Zoo.
In Cute Animal Land, you will join your friend, Green Frog, together with his mother to go shopping on the occasion of discount. Your duty is finding the right stuffs given in the shopping list of Green Frog mother. Collect as many Green Frog trophies as possible as it will help you pass the upcoming hard challenges.
If you want to get acquainted with many more cute animals, join us in Happy Zoo. There you not only become friends with many adorable animals but also learn to identify their favorite food. Enjoy the game to improve your memory!
♥ High graphics
♥ Cute and colorful images. Your kids surely enjoy it!
♥ Lovely and attractive sound effects
♥ Feedback and friends-sharing functions included.
♥ 2 different game modes with distinct content. Your kids will never get bored!
Cute Animal Land brings kids a relaxing and highly entertaining time.
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