Dark Blade
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-08-13
Publisher Mobicle
Date 2012-08-13
Publisher Mobicle
Players begin their action-packed journey as "Master Shadow" whose sword has been stolen by the dark spirits of the Abyss. To return the sword to its rightful owner, players must cut and slash their way through five unique worlds and forty distinct stages. With easy-to-use one-touch duel action controls and the ability to acquire over 40 intricate sword skills, - Slash, Jump Slash, Aerial Hack, Rear Stab, Wound Opener, Triple Stab, and Dismember (just to name a few) - fighting off formidable enemies is nonstop entertainment.

Dark Blade also offers Duel Mode, which allows users to access the increasingly popular world of online interactive gaming. In this mode, Dark Blade players have the ability to battle one another in order to climb up the rankings, achieve higher class, and claim well-deserved bragging rights over opponents. In addition, the game offers several cool ways for players to enhance their skills with fun and unique swords, axes, spears, and costumes.

* Dark Blade defines the genre of one-touch duel action gameplay with unique graphics, simplistic game controls, and spectacular combination sword fighting moves that will leave you stunned
* Choose from more than forty distinctly remarkable sword skills to take down enemy combatants
* Experience over sixty game missions and discover hidden missions in order to earn special titles
* Explore Story Mode through forty stages filled with vastly different rules including: Offense, Defense, Record-Breaking, Boss Hunt, Survival and Time Attack
* Connect with friends and rivals in Duel Mode in order to battle each other, compete for high scores, climb up the rankings and achieve supreme status
* Equip your character with over eighty different weapons and costumes: Select a weapon among the swords, axes, and spears which contain unique mixtures of block and damage capabilities; Pick from a variety of costumes that empower you as well as provide protective and functional capacities
* Polish your skills to perfection in Training Mode
*Finish Story Mode to unlock Random Mode: Access to random stages played by random rules
* Accept your competitive nature: Whether you're fighting dark spirits in Story Mode or your rivals in Duel Mode, achieving success remains a constant battle
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