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Are you an aviation expert or just a “rookie of the flight”?

With DataQuiz, the latest release of the “Data Series”, you will be able to test your knowledge about the military aereonautics by answering more than 100 questions about fighter planes.

You’ll explore three different kind of questions (“Historical questions”, “Technical questions” and “Guess-the-plane questions”), arranged on their difficulty, and each answer can make you losing or gaining points in order to get the top rank in the USAF!

DataQuiz is also an amazing way to get in touch with the world of the aereonautics, learning something new.



⭐ More then 100 questions divided by three kinds (History, Technical and Guess the Plane) will hardly prove your knowledge about aeronautics.

⭐ Questions of any difficulty.

⭐ Earn or lose less or more points depending on the question's difficulty.

⭐ Become a real USAF boss! Depends on your score you will obtain or lose USAF grades!

⭐ "We learn by making mistakes"! You can learn a lot from this game! Every wrong question will be a new thing you will know about the world of the aviations!

Good Luck!
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