Dead Man : The Revenge
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
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"Blood Wants Blood"

Dead Man is the story of a zombie's Revenge, into very unfamiliar terrain.

Three friends on spring break in a foreign country charter a boat to a remote island where it's rumored that you can freely hunt zombies.

A island is an island with no people, where nobody lives & an undiscovered island.

Island sand is red, rumored to have absorbed much blood from past conquests. The lifeless trees rustle with dry breezes. Yet be ever careful, for even the water that lap at the dying tide is black. The evil of this island is ancient. Too ancient. Even for time to conquer...

It stood like an omen. Dark vibes radiating from the very shore. Trees swaying as if to warn off any who come near. Ash it was the ash of thousands of dead bodies scattered from the past.

Suddenly Dead Man Awake & Ready To Take Revenge.

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