Death Call 2
Genre Misc -> Casual
Today's Rank 25228
Date 2012-10-02
Publisher Toy Chest Games
Date 2012-10-02
Publisher Toy Chest Games
An exhilarating shooter based in the lawless Wild West, Death Call 2 challenges its players to blast through scores of outlaws and evil robots as Federal Marshal Jedediah Wolfe. But it's not just firing randomly at enemies; levels require strategy and carefully upgraded weapons to complete, along with a healthy dose of quick thinking.

With beautiful hand painted cut scenes, players will experience the story-driven campaign as Jed does, searching for the source of an army of steampunk robots that is taking over the West. With over 200,000 ways to upgrade your equipment, Death Call 2 offers players more than the average arcade shooter, with an RPG relic and upgrade system perfect for mowing down the bad guys standing in your way. Want to take a break from gunning down your enemies? Two puzzle types break up the action to test your mind as well as your trigger finger, and reveal more of the story as you go along.
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