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Remembering the times of Wing Commander or Privateer ? When Flying through an asteroid field was a real challenge ?
Fly with 4 unique ships (and 2 more prominent homage ships) through an always denser asteroidfield.
How long can you make it ?

What is DeepSpaceRace ?
DSRace is an indie game in the tradition of cube runner.
Fly your ships through the green gates to collect time.
Avoid asteroids or destroy them to collect credits.
Increase your speed by collecting afterburner fuel.
Control your ship by tilting your device left or right.
Brake, accelerate or fire using onscreen controls.

Features :
- NO INGAME purchases, NO Free2Pay
We just think pay once is fair for the developer and the customer.
Even if we could make more money with Free2Pay.
- 4 Unique ship designs
With multiple skins per ship.
- 2 ship designs as homage
to the most remarkable movie and most remarkable game of our time.
(In our oppinion at least)
- Endless Play.
At least if you are good enough
- Control your ship through left/right rotation of your device

Compatibility :
DSRace is compatible with
- iPhone 3GS and higher with optimized shaders for newer iPhone models
- Supports iPhone5 native resolution
- Ipod Touch since third generation
- all iPad versions

The Future
We plan to
- share some development insights, concept and work in progress art.
- want to extend the game with new levels and game modes
- give away large 3d printed NOVA-SR1 with your custom design

Get in contact with us.
Visit us at
or like our facebook page
or subscribe to our twitter account

We would REALLY like to hear your comments and suggestions.
And we would be more than happy to have a much deeper and more intense contact with you.

About us
We are Thomas & Thomas.

Two very cool, nice, handsome, extreme rich, in short ... just perfect guys who studied together.
Ok, we are two guys who studied together.

Already at that time we wanted to develope games but reality never gave us the chance to do it.
And then we decided, lets do it anyway, ignore all the money, time and family concerns.
Making games like DeepSpaceRace and see people playing them was always our dream.

Help us make our dream come true.
Contact us, talk to us, have fun with us.

"JarJarThomas" and "Ardor"
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