Defender City Lite
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"Defender City" — is game of a genre of tower defense, and as well as it is necessary to all games of this genre, your task to hold the fort and not to give to the enemy to reach your basis. "Defender City" favourably differs from the tribespeople on a genre - game is completely drawn with a ball pen on writing-book sheets. In total for from posing of game more than four hundred sheets of paper in a section were used and two tens ball pens are used up.

You in an arsenal will have 5 types of protective tools. Except construction of protective constructions, you also will be able to use special opportunities: upgrade — to upgrade the protective tool to you rub го level that not seldom will help you in it would seem to a desperate situation. In game 40 various levels - constructed so are that to pass level simply placing thoughtlessly protective tools not to turn out. And over and over again you should think over fight tactics. And eventually to stop invasion of the enemy on your city.

*** Defender City Lite - is a limited version, it is available with 5 levels of 40. ***

►►Features of game:
►►Drawn graphics
►►Atmospheric music and sound
►►40 levels
►►3 types of upgrades
►►3 types of the opponent (the easy, average and heavy tank)
►►5 types of protective tools.
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