Depth Basara
Genre Action -> Adventure
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- Extra 500 game coins are presented for installation in the period of promotion.

Destroy those damned submarines!
Depth Basara is a new interpretation of the classic PC game on the mobile platforms. It is a horizontal plate shooting game that is easy to operate. You need to choose your warship and equip yourself with special skills before participating in the combat right away. In the combat, players need to not only destroy the malicious submarines by launching bombs in advance, but also survive various attacks from enemies below the sea. Combined with unique combo system and energy attack system, the game will give you a familiar and renewing exhilarating experience.

Game Features:
- Classic modes: Arcade mode and survival mode.
- Easy to use: Easy-to-understand interface, simple operation and the feel of handheld game console.
- Combo system: The combo effects for different warships are different. Try to keep the combo quantity and you will feel more and greater as the game process.
- Energy system: Have you been tired of the traditional full-screen bomb? It doesn’t matter. There are 6 kinds of unique energy attacks always for your choice.
- Forge your own warship: the random combination of six warships with individual styles and six different special skills makes the most powerful collocation with which you can give best performance in playing.
- The transformation and upgrade of the system: Isn’t the warship’s performance ideal? Isn’t the skill powerful enough? Use your coins to upgrade.
- Hidden patterns and roles: hidden patterns, hidden roles, looking forward to your discovery.
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