Dino Day - Style & Play with Baby Dinosaurs
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★★★ Cutest Baby Dinos Ever! Play in Amazing, Interactive Scenes ★★★
★★★ Style Your Baby Dinos with Over 200 Cool, Designer Duds ★★★
★★★ Dozens of Dino Gear Make this Prehistoric Game Totally Rock! ★★★

Get ready for a spectacular and DYNAMIC Dino Day with our babies: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Apato and our favorite flying Pterodactyl!
Crack the dinosaur eggs open and choose your friendly baby dino.
Now it’s time to style your baby dino in designer duds. Choose from wacky teeth, cool hats, rockin’ clothes, funky accessories and awesome shoes, feathers beaks & more!
Each baby dino has his own unique set of cool gear from teeth to nails!

Now it’s time to play with your dino:
4 tropical and awesome prehistoric scenes to choose from:
* A lush, jurassic dino playground complete with a fabulous waterslide into a pond, a trampoline and a volcano in the background. Water splashes on the screen when the dino slides into the water!
* A jurassic river surrounded by colorful dino eggs ready to be hatched and where T-Rex and other grownup dinos roam & roar.
* A lovely jurassic lake where dino babies play beach ball on the shore and watch the fish jump out of the water. Touch the sky and change from day to sunset. Super cool!
* Prehistoric music rocks! Be a Dino rock star and make music on the drums and a stone age keyboard.

What's inside:
✔ 48 Awesome hats, bandanas, soldier helmet, shower cap & more
✔ 48 Colorful shirts, t-shirts with silly slogans & more
✔ Over 60 fun & silly accessories pacifiers, mustaches, eye patches, high tech devices, jewelry & much more!
✔ 48 Wild and wacky pairs of pants
✔ 35 Crazy dino teeth and beaks
✔ 24 pairs of shoes, cowboy boots, slippers & more!
✔ 4 Unique jurassic scenes for the dinos to play: jurassic playground, dino river surrounded by dino eggs ready to hatch, dino lake and baby dinos playing beach ball, rock star scene where dinos play music

✔ Your dino responses to your clothes selection, style him up and see if he likes it!
✔ Touch the dino and make him slide and splash into the water
✔ Touch the dino and make him slide and jump onto the trampoline
✔ Touch the volcano to make it erupt with lava
✔ Crack open the dino baby eggs
✔ Microphone to record dialogue and make the dino talk!
✔ Make the stone age rock by playing on the drums and a prehistoric keyboard
✔ Improved menu system- makes navigation easier

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