Dino Runner
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Disclaimer: All Dinosaurs appearing in this work are fictitious, any resemblance to real dinosaurs, living or dead is purely coincidental.

No Dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this product, actually one was, but he's doing alright now.


Dino is in Danger! …Constantly! He needs your help to run run ruuuun!

Flee from a hungry T Rex through a lush jungle.
Evade a molten tidal wave flowing through a river of lava.
Escape deadly sharp falling icicles in the ice cave.
Leap from mountain peak to mountain peak to avoid hungry pterodactyls.

Four, that's right FOUR! endless levels to play, each set in a different environment, each with its own unique artwork.

How far can you keep running?


Game Features:
+ 4 Endless Runner Levels.
+ Earn all the stars for each level.
+ Game Center Achievements.
+ Game Center Leaderboards.
+ Post your High Scores to Facebook.
+ Retina artwork for all devices!
+ One version works on all devices!

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