Dinosaur Cool Math:Add & Hatch Egg
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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“Cool Maths Dinosaur: Add and Hatch Egg” come with 15 different

number puzzles. This math puzzles are for all ages.

It help develop and train your mathematical skill. Practice

your number bonds and have fun at the same time. Try to arrange the numbers

such that the totals along straight lines are all equal.

Develop your number sense even as you practice problem solving. Look for a

pattern so that you can quickly solve the puzzle.

Move up the levels as you get better. Self-directed learning tool that provides

practice in basic skills and opportunities in problem solving at the same time.

Playing puzzle requires a high degree of concentration. It

is a wonderful way for children to gain confidence in their growing abilities.

That is why children love playing this number puzzles over and over again.

The smoothing background music will help you concentrate and

the attractive dinosaurs interface will be a delightful experience. If you

really have difficulties solving the number puzzles…don’t get mad, tap on the

button for hints.

Have fun!
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