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Play the new game "Drakons" and plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient civilization, when only the dragons ruled the world! Capture all the lairs so that the other players could understand what race of dragons is the most powerful!
On each level you will have several lairs with the dragons. The dragons' population in the lairs grows every second and depends on the level of the lair.
There are 3 types of lairs in the world:
- Population lairs (the dragons there breed quicker)
- Fruit (every second it provides you some fruits, the more dragons are in the lair, the more fruits you have)
- Fight (the dragons from this lair fly faster)
In order the lair brings more benefits you can upgrade it. Use the fruits for payment the upgrade price stated in the drop-down list.

You can play alone or together with your boyfriend or girlfriend! ;)

You can compare your best results with ones of the other players in the GREE social gaming network. The more dragons you kill for the least period of time, the higher you will be in the leaderboard!
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