Draw the Line
Genre Misc -> Casual
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Date 2012-05-03
Publisher Lilypad Games
Date 2012-05-03
Publisher Lilypad Games
Draw the Line is a physics-based puzzle game similar in feel and quality to hit games like Cut the Rope. The gameplay of Draw the Line involves the user drawing short, colorful lines using unique types of paint to guide, bounce, zoom, and even portal a rubber-band ball to the main character Milton.

Draw the Line begins with a short cutscene attempting to inspire emotion in the player; providing a conscious incentive to help Milton. The story is set in a fictitious library where characters come alive. Milton, a geeky but lovable book worm is preparing to propose to his girlfriend when she is kidnapped by evil fireflies and taken to a pop-up book castle high on a book shelf. Milton, unable to fly gets to work and designs a catapult made from pencils and rubber-bands, but he needs help from the player to deliver his supplies.

Each level is set on top of a themed pad of paper with fireflies, pencils, and various office stationary items carefully laid out. The player must analyze the level and figure out where to draw their lines to deliver the ball to Milton, attempting to capture each of the fireflies on the way. When ready, the player opens the crate and watches as gravity takes hold and the rubber-band ball rolls and bounces its way to Milton.
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