Eagle Screech!
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Eagle Screech! is a fun platformer set in a unique, engaging environment! Play as Edie the Eagle and help her gather her eggs from each level, and return to her nest. Avoid pests and collect fish to buy power-ups in the eagle sanctuary. With over 50 levels, five different powerups and two different control schemes, you'll never get tired of helping Edie back home again.

This is a very simple platforming title from Panc Software. We pride ourselves on creating applications and games that are fun and worth your time. Eagle Screech! is a great game for anyone from 8 to 80 years old, as it has deep gameplay without being a difficult brain-twister. In addition, it provides a setting in the Options menu to set the control scheme to either a Control Pad, or Joystick, making it accessible to anyone.

This is great for anyone really enjoyed the platformers of yesteryear. Just saw Wreck-It Ralph and want to get started playing platformers? This is the perfect game for you!

This paid release includes all 50 levels 3 save files and access to the Eagle Sanctuary! Thanks for checking out the game. Please consider contacting us at pancsoft@gmail.com and letting us know what you didn't like before leaving a negative review!

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